Tranquility Zone Healing Arts
Start living your best life...
* Gentle, restorative style, customized to your needs
* Helps to quiet and center your mind
*Guided breathwork calms the nervous system & builds immunity

PRIVATE Sessions

* Helpful for injury accident, rehabilitation, chronic illness, M.S., pregnancy, seniors or those desiring a personalized practice  

CD or mp3 of your session is included for practice at home!

* Sciatica
* Insomnia
* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
* Headaches
* Back and neck pain
* Lower blood pressure

I am available to teach Group Classes for special occasions:

Workplace, Brides, Friends/Family, Workshops, Specialty Topics

I also specialize in Yoga for Seniors (chair or mat classes)

"Eoanna's restorative yoga has helped me heal and reconnect with my body after work-related injuries, and overcome my fear of movement and further pain."
- Eve N.

"Eoanna's Relaxation Yoga has allowed me to connect with my inner peace. At the end of a stressful day of work, I can look forward to going to her yoga class and be guaranteed of leaving relaxed and smiling. We end each session with my favorite part, Shivasana. It's a guided meditation that makes me just melt! Thank you, Eoanna, for bringing peace of body, mind and spirit back to my life!"
- Teresa S.  
I have been taking yoga classes with Eoanna for the last 5 years. Her basic gentle yoga classes is just what my body needs. When I leave her classes the daily stress that collects in my neck and shoulders vanishes. In many other classes I find myself competing with others to do more, or hold the poses longer and often just end up hurting myself. Through this yoga and Eoanna's guidance I have become more aware of how i hold stress and what to do to reduce it. I look forward to this weekly class so much.
- Diana K.