Tranquility Zone Healing Arts
Start living your best life...


~ Deep relaxation and Sleep
~Stress reduction and Relaxation
~Support during healing and after surgery
~Habit Control - Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation
~Insomnia and Anxiety
~Confidence building, Goal Achievement .....and more!

By listening to a recording that is tailored to your needs you can transform patterns and obstacles and bring balance, grace, joy and ease into your life!

The CD'S also accelerate and anchor the insights from the hypnotherapy sessions.

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"I have been having a hard time sleeping because of working overtime at my own business and expecting a new baby. I went to Eoanna for a Custom Guided Relaxation CD and I fell asleep in 5 minutes! Getting a good nights rest is essential and Eoanna's soothing voice, gently guides me to get it! James W.

"I am 91 years old and have been doing gentle yoga classes and receiving massage from Eoanna for a while now. When I mentioned I will be undergoing Chemotherapy, she recorded me a Custom CD to listen during my treatments, and gave me some other tools so I could relax as much as possible during my treatment. I have listened to it over and over and I Love it! Doris M.