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Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, where you are completely conscious and in CHOICE. It allows access to the subconscious, where 80% of all memories, patterns, and choices are stored. The results are quicker than talk therpay.

Connecting in this place invites one to easily journey to the root of an issue and gently and gracefully transform and re-boot to a more empowering experience of life.


* Relaxation and stress reduction
* Changing patterns, habits and addictions
* Pain management and allergy relief
* Overcoming phobias
* Clearing old trauma and negative self talk and beliefs
* Re-birthing
* Past life regression
* Releasing weight
* Goal setting and improving sports performance
CD or mp3 of your session is included to take home to deepen and anchor your session!

Individual Customized CD's also available. By listening to a recording that is tailored to your needs you can transform patterns and obstacles, accelerate change and progress, while bringing balance, grace, joy and ease into your life!


Call for your complimentary 20 min. phone consultation!

90 minutes - $150   (CD from session included)

Custom CD's for special topics $40

I have experienced tremendous breakthrough by having hypnotherapy sessions with Eoanna. Each time we go in I peel back another layer of understanding, where my beliefs and issues began and why they are present. I leave with healing, major shifts and tools to help me in everyday. I am so grateful to Eoanna for teaching me how to live life with greater power and immense control - intertwined with grace and beauty. 

The sessions are so easy. I always know exactly what is being talked about, I'm present yet deeply connected to my source of knowing. I always feel safe and secure and well taken care of. 

I highly recommend Eoanna for all of her offerings. I've also received her glorious massage! Hands of an angel...Elizabeth Wolfe

"After 75 minutes and my life choices are more positive, and with much less judgment. I got to address the "voices" and dialogue with my spinning mind, judgmental personalities, my creative and nurturing sides. It was an awesome experience. I am so thankful. Can't wait to book another session!"
- Rebecca L.  

I am a 24/7 caregiver for my husband and suffered from extreme anxiety attacks. When I talked to a friend about finding a good hypnotherapist, she referred me to Eoanna and I am still grateful for that.
Eoanna is an experienced therapist and gifted healer.

Knowledge and intuition make her an exceptional guide in hypnosis, making it easy to trust and surrender to the process. Her gentle guidance allowed me to go through my experience in my own pace, with dramatic and life changing results.
After only two sessions I was free of anxiety attacks and I have found joy in my life again. I'm also able to take better care of myself, which makes me a more patient, more compassionate, more loving - in short, a better - caregiver.
Thank you again, Eoanna.
- Christine M.  

"My hypnotherapy experience with Eoanna was amazing! I no longer cringe when I walk into a room and see a beautiful bouquet of flowers... I walk right up and take a big sniff, with no worries about an allergic reaction!"
- Laurel S.