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Are you Ready to:

~Design a Life you Love on purpose vs. living in default? ~Strart enjoying Your life more?
~Re-ignite your Passion, peace and personal Empowerment?
~Have more clarity and direction?
~Claim balance in work, rest and play?

Coaching is a personalized opportunity to help you clarify your Heart's Desires, learn tools to transform both inner and outer obstacles, and reconnect with your inner wisdom.

Life is precious and meant to be enjoyed! Coaching empoweres you to start living a life you Love with passion, grace and ease.

Call to schedule your complimentary 40 minute Discovery Session to see how Coaching can benifit you!

Private or Group Coaching Series is available.


* Stress Reduction & Self Care....YOU MATTER!
*Transforming negative talk & beliefs
*Obstacle Alchemy
* Time Management
*Conscious, Courageous Communication
* Right Livelihood . . . finding your bliss with work
*Building Inner Peace and Outer Balance everyday life


It's time for you to RISE, SHINE and THRIVE !

Eoanna is a gifted healer, creative teacher and encouraging Coach. She taught me to trust my deepest desires and provided the door for me to walk through to a greater connection to my true Self. I now have the confidence and grace to ask for what I desire and know I am able to manifest my dreams. It is with great pleasure I highly reccommend Eoanna as a Coach to anyone who is ready to make positive changes!

Angela B ~School Eductor

I thoroughly enjoy my coaching sessions with Eoanna. Her insights and encouragement have allowed me to break away from the old habits and issues that were standing in the way of achieving my goals. She provided me with practical tools to transform my fears. My relationship with myself and others has been greatly enhanced since I strted working with Eoanna! Heidi Hansen ~ grateful client

Working with Eoanna will facilitate anyone’s life’s process. Her compassion, perception and innate ability provides a perfect blend that guides people  to achieve the life they want.... Vickie Peron - healing arts practitioner

S . . . . slow down
I . . . . imagine doing less
M . . . make time for loved ones
P . . . . practice patience
L . . . . learn to gently say no
I . . . . increase your quiet time
F . . . . follow your heart
Y . . . . yield to life ~ yield to peace ~ yield to joy  
"Show up and choose to be present.
Pay attention to what has heart and meaning.
Tell the truth without blame or judgment.
Be open to the outcome - not attached to it!"
-... Angeles Arrien

Classes & Workshops:

*Soul Path Tools Teleclass

*Art of Relaxation & Self Care

*Intuition & Energy Tools for Self Empowerment

*Life of Excellence Group Coaching