Tranquility Zone Healing Arts
Start living your best life...

Welcome to the Tranquiity Zone. I support my clients to transform whatever stands in their way to live the life they love!

As you connect with your deep inner wisdom and resources, you are able to navigate from a centered inner calm, regardless of how busy your life is. This is what I call, "the eye of the storm".

Intuition, as well as practical knowledge and experience, inform my work. Let me assist you in finding calm beyond chaos. Navigate from Tension to Tranquility, and Start making the Rest of your LIfe the Best of your LIfe!

I have been in private practice and teaching in Sonoma County since 1999. I hold a degree in Psychology and have been studying healing and personal growth for over 30 years. I meditate and practice yoga on a regular basis. My certificates include Massage, Hypnotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Intuitive Energy Work, and Transformational Life Coaching. My studies also include working with my teacher, a Native American Healer.

My passion is to help inspire, empower and educate my clients on how to get clear on what they truly want so they can create a healthy and happy life in work, rest and play.

To your life of Excellence!

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"Wise Women Awakening"

"Stay in the center of the circle
and let all things take their course"
- Lao Tzu