Tranquility Zone Healing Arts
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* Guided relaxation techniques to quiet your mind and help you experience deep peace and release

* Energy work to balance body, mind and spirit

* Chakra clearing and balancing

* Customized stretches for at home self-care to enhance the benifits of your session

* Warm Stones offer soothing heat to relax and open tissue
and enhance massage




"Eoanna is one of those rare gems that life brings you from time to time. Her abilities as a bodyworker are extraordinary and go far beyond simple relation into the realms of healing. This is her gift, a gift that restores the spirit and nurtures the soul."
- Rodger R.  

"Eoanna has a heavenly touch, the hands of an angel! Her soothing hands send me into a meditative state I rarely get into on my own. Often starting with a meditation of some kind, then her guidance to breathe and let go, her gentle touch and warm stones melt tension, create tranquility and a sense of inner peace. Truly a spiritual, sometimes psychic, experience."
- Donna B.  

I have been going to Eoanna for bodywork for over 8 years. I will get a massage from no one else. Eoanna is able to "read" my body with her touch and provide just the right massage to release tension and help my body heal where necessary. She has provided transformational touchfor me from a simply relaxing session to one focusing on a particular problem I had been experiencing. Each time I come away from her I am relaxed, and rejuvenated. In addition, she provides sound advice on supplements, exercises and general healthy living. She is professional, experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. I give her the highest recommendation with no exceptions!
- Susan P.  

A session with Eoanna is so unique and customized. She combines her transformational touch, not only on your body, but also with your mind and spirit. 90 minutes with hot stones will allow your body to release tensions and let your spirit fly free!

I have worked with Eoanna for several years and her body work has become a regular part of the physical and spiritual work that I do to keep my mind, body, and spirit functioning at optimum levels. Your first session will open your eyes to new horizons in your life. I have limped up the stairs to Eoanna's office with severe back and muscle spasms and then floated down the stairs after a session with Eoanna!
- Mark G